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Beacon Reception at ZS6USA [KW1O] (Pretoria, SA)

Reception of the IARU/NCDXF International Beacon Project beacons.

Location: Menlo Park, Pretoria, South Africa
Latitude: 25S46 / Longitude: 28E16 / Locator: KG44df
(Monitoring Station ZS6USA will discontinue operation in June 2011.)

Radio: ICOM IC-718 / Antenna: ZX Aerials GP-3 HF Vertical
Computer: Custom 12vdc mini-ATX PC / WinXP / Faros 1.3 / Fling 1.7
Timing: Local NTP Server with PPS GPS input (Review the Stratum-0 Project)

NOTES: Due to the poor Internet quality in South Africa, the Stratum-0 Project was born to provide accurate timing for Faros. I've tested a number of antennas in 2009. Click on the link if you would like to see the results of other antennas at the shack.

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